The Ikenga and statues of the Early Spacemen of Nnokwa stands for Heritage while the rocket aiming beyond the moon simply convey the meaning ... Read more

About Nnokwa

History Insight

Nnokwa is one of the seven towns in idemili south local government area(LGA) of Anambra state, Nigeria. It  has the distinction of being the only Nri town in this LGA.It comprises of ten villages: Continue Learning



Name of Town: Nnokwa
Country: Nigeria
Geo-political Zone: South East
State: Anambra
Traditional Ruler: His Royal Highness Igwe E. E. Ajamma (for further details visit
Town Union Government: Nnokwa Progress Union (NPU)
Geographical Location: Nnokwa town is situated on a plateau at a height of about 1400 feet  above sea level. It lies on longitude of 6°57" East and latitude 6°05N.
Time Zone: GMT (UTC+01)


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